Following is our PLENCO holiday schedule for 2021:

Mon. - Sun. July 19 - 25 SHUTDOWN
Friday September 3 Floating Holiday
Monday September 6 Labor Day
Thursday November 25 Thanksgiving Day
Friday November 26 Company Holiday
Thursday December 23 Christmas Day Holiday
Friday December 24 Christmas Eve Holiday
Thursday December 30 New Year's Day Holiday
Friday December 31 New Year's Eve Holiday
Following is our PLENCO holiday schedule for 2022:

Friday May 27 Floating Holiday
Monday May 30 Memorial Day
Monday July 4 Independence Holiday
Mon. - Sun. July 25 - 31 SHUTDOWN
Friday September 2 Floating Holiday
Monday September 5 Labor Day
Thursday November 24 Thanksgiving Day
Friday November 25 Company Holiday
Monday December 26 Christmas Eve Holiday
Tuesday December 27 Christmas Day Holiday
Wednesday December 28 Floating Holiday
Thursday December 29 New Year's Eve Holiday
Friday December 30 New Year's Day Holiday


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